New era for Demolition

Partial management buyout testament to growth of Wye Valley Group progress

After an invitation from Sue and Andrew Howell – Owners and Shareholders of Wye Valley Demolition Ltd (WVD) – a proportional Management Buy Out (MBO) has taken place, resulting in the formation of Wye Valley Demolition Holdings Ltd (WVHD).

The Directors and Shareholders of Wye Valley Demolition Holdings Ltd are Alastair Moulton BSc (Hons) MRICS (Managing Director), Terry Davies (Operations Director) and Gavin Pettigrew (Quality Director). 

Sue (above, right) and Andrew Howell (above, left) continue as shareholders of Wye Valley Demolition Ltd and Board members along with Alastair Moulton (above, second-left), Gavin Pettigrew (above, second-right) and Terry Davies (below).

The MBO gives WVD improved security in the medium and longer term, with succession planning as the main driver for the MBO. This ensures WVD continues to provide a high standard of services and reputation for providing a first-class service that is recognised in the industry as reliable, safe and of a high-quality.

All customer and supplier trading relationships with WVD remain unchanged, as does the relationship with the other Wye Valley Group companies.

WVD continues to grow, providing a range of integrated services including Demolition, Land Remediation, Dismantling, Stripping Out, Site Clearance and Asbestos Removal, servicing all the major tier-one construction businesses, as well as working directly for local authorities, housing developers and private individuals.

Alastair Moulton said: “Gavin, Terry and I were delighted to be given the opportunity by Andrew and Sue, to become shareholders through the partial Management Buy Out of Wye Valley Demolition Limited, for which we thank them.

“This is a very strong statement from them in relation to business continuity, retaining strengths and succession. It demonstrates their willingness to invest in employees’ futures and the development of the Wye Valley Group.

“In regards to WVD, it is pretty much ‘business as usual’, with increased management responsibilities on the buy-in team.

“Sue and Andrew remain very much involved in the business, but it is also a chance for them to expand on other business and personal interests.

“It demonstrates their willingness to invest in employees’ futures and the development of the Wye Valley Group”

Andrew Moulton

“From here, we will be driving to strengthen links with our existing customer base and push our name out to new clients. We aim to expand our involvement in the power and steel de-planting markets, as well as ground remediation.

“We will continue to strive to further enhance our resource & cost efficiency and increase profitability. We will also be focussing on strengthening our team and ensuring that everyone involved feels an important part of that team, as we recognise that our people are our best asset.

“WVD is in a strong market position and we are looking forward to working with our customers, suppliers and the Wye Valley Group in forging ahead and developing on that strength.”