Auto-Breakers secures new Fire Service deals

Two tender contracts won by Wayne Wadley and his team

Auto-Breakers chief Wayne Wadley and his team have retained two contracts to supply vehicles for the respective Mid & West Wales South Fire Service and Herefordshire & Worcestershire Fire Service.

They were originally won in 2019 for an initial three-year term with an option to extend by a year.

However, they legally had to be put out to tender once again.

The tender is comprised 30% on price and 70% on service levels, accreditations and references.

Wadley said: “I’m absolutely delighted we have won the contracts. It is an integral part of adding value to Auto-Breakers.

“Herefordshire & Worcestershire Fire Service were very keen for us to win it again, because of the service we have previously provided.

“Since winning it, Andy Phillips, the training commander for Herefordshire & Worcestershire, has phoned to say how delighted he is to see us win it.

“We have it for three years with an option to extend and the big thing is it helps the profile of the business and helps secure jobs.”

Auto-Breakers will continue to supply scrapped cars for training purposes.

Delighted: Wayne Wadley insists the firm’s profile has been raised

He added: “We provide, in total, 40 fire stations with depolluted cars for road traffic collision training. We supply a car fully depolluted. They put a dummy body in the car and practice extracting the body, cutting the roof etc.

“They basically rent the car, so we get everything back. Basically, we supply them with a lump of metal, but we get it back in a different shape.

“At any one time, we will have up to 90 cars out in fire stations. Some months last year we were sending out between 70-90 cars a month.”

Auto-Breakers will also help the H&W Fire Service with upcoming training exercises – one, in particular, is very close to home.

Wayne explained: “At the end of June, Herefordshire & Worcestershire Fire Service will have an exercise weekend at Herefordshire Sixth Form College, where Auto-Breakers will supply an HGV, which will be jacked up. A body will be placed underneath and the HGV lowered, simulating a road traffic accident with a lorry involved.

He added: “There is a plan to set up a real road traffic collision in the yard (Eastside Recycling Facility). There may be a lorry, a horsebox tipped on its side, a couple of motorbikes… they have been and done the risk assessment and we are just awaiting a date.

“We’ll also continue to tender for other contracts.”