The first choice in Herefordshire for processing scrap vehicles. We are an approved vehicle end-of-life facility. Here’s all you need to know if you’d like to scrap your vehicle with us:


As of 3rd December 2012, we are required by law to verify a supplier’s name and address. We must see and keep a copy of either:

  • A valid United Kingdom Photocard Driver’s License


  • a valid United Kingdom or EEA passport or a valid UK biometric immigration document which bears the supplier’s full name, photograph and date of birth

AND one of the following supporting documents which bears the supplier’s full name and residential address and has been issued less than three months before receipt of the scrap metal:

  • a bank or building society statement
  • a credit or debit card statement
  • a council tax demand letter or statement
  • a utility bill (but not a mobile telephone bill)

Process & Payment

Deliver the vehicle you would like to scrap down to our facility in Rotherwas, and stop off at the front office for assistance.

Your scrap car value is determined by the weight of the vehicle and our price for scrap cars on the given day. Please be aware that prices can fluctuate daily in line with wider market prices. For today’s price, please call 01432 361679.

Please note: due to government regulations, we cannot pay cash for scrap vehicles. We can either provide cheques, or transfer money to a debit card / bank account.

Tyre Disposal

If your car has steel rims on, we charge for the disposal of each tyre.

We have a DVLA end of life approved facility, so we can remove all those negative elements of a vehicle that are potentially harmful to the environment.

‘Certificates of Destruction’

We are the only facility in Herefordshire to offer this service. These certificates can be issued as soon as your old car is brought over our weighbridge.

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