Hereford Quarries actively promotes sustainability through the use of recycled soil & aggregates from demolition and construction projects.

The following video demonstrates the Sustainable Materials Cycle, which the Wash Plant facilitates – enabling local developers to greatly reduce their carbon footprints, by reducing their waste-to-landfill and using recycled construction materials.

Hereford Quarries was established in 2015 as a new addition to the Wye Valley Group of companies.

From our dedicated recycling site at the former Lugg Bridge Quarry, Hereford, we are licensed by the Environment Agency to accept inert waste for sorting and processing aggregates and soils using crushers and screeners which enabled us to expand our range of recycled products.

As well as producing our own top quality recycled Type 1, 6F5, clean drainage stone and topsoils we also stock and supply an extensive range of quarried sand, gravel and decorative stone.

In late 2016, Hereford Quarries commissioned a bespoke state of the art wash plant facility. This is capable of washing and grading a range of premium recycled sands, single size drainage stone – which compliments the existing offerings of the ever popular 6F5 crushed concrete – brick and Type 1. This has enabled the quarry to reach a 99% recycling rate with construction and demolition waste, and this will ultimately divert many thousands of tonnes destined for landfill.

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